Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A little Bubble and Squeak

It was one of those days with jet lag nipping at the heels that I just had to let myself go and head for the 'ol Bubble and Squeak.

Better than a plastic bag

The little dog almost made it into the store. But the cazador del perro didn't relent.

The surge in rafts

Humm, not your grandfathers raft....

Recycling is Real

Barcelona does a fantastic job on the environmental front.

The fish

Gotta love the fish!

Mother of all Solar Panels

No more problems with running out of hot water in Barcelona!

Keeping up with the Ellison's

With the America's Cup taking place to the south, it's a tough week to be a boat owner in Barcelona.

I saw this guy's yacht and though it was pretty big.

And then I saw this guy's (brother of the saudi prince) and thought, "now that's a big boat"

And then, Larry Ellison's pulled into town. At over 480 feet, it's the largest yacht not owned by a head of state. It's hard work keeping with with the Ellison's and Saudi's.

Are my teeth ****'d?

I may not be a brand guru but I'm starting to get worred about my teeth.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I'm on the road this week and have been posting some of my travels on the personalized Google Maps.

I also have a bunch of photos up on Flickr.